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Cincinnati Area Senior Services


Meals-on-Wheels are a lifeline for many seniors in our community. For the homebound senior with health or mobility issues, preparing daily meals can be difficult, if not impossible. CASS offers a variety of meal choices and delivery options that meet the needs of each individual senior.

  • Traditional Meals-on-Wheels

  • Savory Selects
    featuring 31 choices of entrées

  • Savory Selects on Request
    which brings your meals to seniors living in senior buildings within minutes of ordering

  • Savory Selects at Home
    for older adults who need meals temporarily or are willing to pay for their meals

  • View Savory Selects Menu

Seniors want choice and flexibility. All of the CASS Meals-on-Wheels choices give seniors a variety of meals to choose from, giving them control over what and when they eat each day and ensuring they receive nutritious meals. In addition, each meal is delivered with a smile and few minutes of friendly conversation from a CASS staff member. Our professionally-trained staff always checks on the well-being of each senior, and they are trained to report any health or other problems they may notice.

Learn more about our Savory Selects program, the only local Meals-on-Wheels program that offers seniors a choice of 31 entrées for each meal.

Click here to see more about how the CASS Meals-on-Wheels program has helped provide family members peace of mind.