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Cincinnati Area Senior Services

Financial Case Management

For some seniors, the inability to handle finances leaves them vulnerable to the loss of their home, utilities, and, in some cases, their life savings. The CASS Financial Case Management program provides money management for seniors who need assistance to be able to remain at home and meet their financial obligations. The Representative Payee Program is a financial case management program focused on eliminating financial exploitation with older adults.

This program can include:

  • Meeting clients face-to-face in their own environments
  • Bio-psychosocial assessments
  • Care plans
  • Budgets
  • Banking
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Bill payment and check writing
  • Money delivery
  • Applications and recertifications for public benefits
  • Applying for other programs such as energy assistance and prescription assistance
  • Utilizing Powers of Attorney for clients as needed
  • Monthly reconciling of account
  • Arranging for additional services needed to remain independent
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Assuring final arrangements/burial plans are in place

CASS has provided protective services to Hamilton County’s older adults for over 25 years. CASS prides itself in reaching out and serving the most vulnerable, low income seniors in the most difficult neighborhoods and reducing or eliminating their risk of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The CASS Social Work staff is trained and licensed in the state of Ohio to serve the senior population.

The CASS Financial Case Management program goes beyond a traditional Representative Payee program by using Power of Attorney (POA). We can serve clients who have income other than Social Security. The administrative staff of the agency serves as the client’s Power of Attorney, to complete banking, interact with insurance companies or other legal entities, and, on occasion, sell a client’s house, or liquidate other assets as needed. The POA’s being separate from the social workers help assure program integrity as well as a formal process of requesting, writing and signing checks, and/or receiving cash.

If you know of a senior who could benefit from the CASS Financial Case Management program, contact us for more information.

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